How to rent an apartment in Antalya? Top facts

You moved or are thinking about moving to Antalya because you want to smell the air, see what is happening, and want to understand if it is a good decision to move to Antalya or not. Maybe your main intention is to buy a property in Antalya. Maybe you are just looking for an apartment for rent in Antalya but you are searching for a guide to understanding Antalya. Well, we can say that you are in the right place. Let’s check it together.

Why is Antalya so popular among foreigners?

According to the governmental office’s September 2021 data, Antalya hosted over 12 million tourists, and also according to the Presidency of Migration Management’s December 2022 data, over one million people applied for Turkish Residence Permit in Turkey, for Antalya application number is around 160 000. These numbers are high and forecasts show us that this number is going to be higher and higher too. Well, why?

We can list the reason like that:

  • Antalya is an affordable city amongst the other cities.
  • The people of Antalya have had a good history with foreigners for a long time. You can easily find English or Russian speakers.
  • It has a lot of historical landmarks and beautiful beaches.
  • You can find a huge number of activities.
  • Any kind of health service is reachable and affordable.
  • Also, Antalya is a very safe place to live by yourself or with your family.

You can get detailed information from our blog Buying Property in Antalya: Is it safe or not?

Cost of Apartments for Rent in Antalya

We can say that Antalya’s real estate market is quite lively. As the interest in rental and sale properties increased, housing stock started to run low. Insufficient housing supply, and increasing interest in the region, cause an increase in investments made. This situation directly affected the prices.

Rental prices in Antalya have increased 4 times compared to the same period of the previous year. Under the given conditions, it might look like it’s impossible to find an affordable flat to rent. Antalya is still an affordable city in all aspects such as in terms of daily life or healthcare spending. And also while you are trying to find a suitable rental for you or your family there is something that you should know. This knowledge will be helpful for you to find the right apartment for rent in Antalya.

What you should know before renting an apartment in Antalya?

Location of the rental apartment in Antalya

Your needs and wishes are important when it comes to the location of your flat. Yes, it can be cheaper but it may not be able to meet your needs like social life, healthcare, or educational institutes for your children. You need to consider your needs and wishes while you are looking for an apartment for rent in Antalya.

We can say that districts around Lara and Konyaalti are central locations of Antalya. But, maybe you should consider Alanya, Belek, or Kemer, which are popular among foreigners. We will cover all the locations in another article.

First things first: What do you need to pay at the beginning?

There are three types of necessary payments while you are renting a flat. Firstly you need to pay for the rent of the apartment.

Secondly, if you are - or the owner of the apartment - working with a real estate agent, you need to pay the agent’s commission.

Thirdly and lastly you need to pay a deposit for the apartment. These are the basic expenses of renting an apartment in Turkey.

Some house owners can be convinced to get the deposit payment part by part but you need to speak and negotiate with the house owner. Also, you can use real estate agents’ help to negotiate the deposit payment. Better to negotiate because in some cases, house owners may ask for a deposit of up to three rents, sometimes less, sometimes more. It depends on the location of the apartment, the age of the building, or whether it is furnished.

After you moved the apartment

On the other hand, you should be considering some other things also. For example, heating system and maintenance fees. In Antalya, heating needs are generally met by air conditioning. You can also find apartments with gas heating systems. Also, some of them have a central heating system. In such a case, you may have to pay the central heating fee together with the dues.

The other thing is the maintenance fee. Generally, it covers the cleaning of the apartment or maybe even security. It depends on the complex that you are looking at or living in.

Electricity and Water Subscriptions

After you move you want to make electricity and water subscriptions. Making electricity and water subscriptions in Turkey is not a complicated thing. Some house owners keep the subscription under their name in the apartment that you started to live in. Mainly it is not a big deal, but in some situations, electricity and water subscriptions in Turkey work as proof that you are living in that apartment. So, it can be useful for you. You can do this subscription with the rental contract.

Important Part: Whether it is suitable for getting a residence permit

Another important point to consider when choosing an apartment is the location of the apartment that you are about to rent, suitable for getting a residence permit or not.

From time to time, the Presidency of Migration Management can close some districts because of the foreigner density. It’s not mean that you can rent the apartment in those locations, yet it means that you can not get a Turkish residence permit because of the location of the house.

You should ask the house owner or real estate agent. Also, you can check our article “How to get a residence permit in Turkey?” for further information.

Public transport in Antalya

Yet, Antalya is a big city. It is not an obstacle when you want to go to a place from another place. Honestly, Antalya makes it easier for you. For example, you can use your credit card or debit card as a public transportation ticket or you can buy one from the kiosks. As Property in Alanya, we will prepare another guide to public transport in Antalya. Stay tuned.

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