Is it safe to buy property in Antalya?

Buy Property in Antalya

Antalya is a very popular city amongst the all other cities in Turkey. When it comes to buying property from Turkey, Antalya is the first address to buy. This article will help you clear the questions in your mind on topics like whether is it safe to live in Turkey, properties for sale in Antalya, and what is the right course of action for looking for a new home in Antalya.

Before start, before answering the question you may be asking yourself, can I buy a house as a foreigner? Well, short answer ise yes. But if you want some detailed information you can read our article "As a foreigner can I buy property in Turkey? Here is the answer."

Is Antalya a safe place to move to?

You may be considering moving to another country or investing in real estate in that country. These are big and important decisions. You need to think from every angle, evaluate moving to another country - in that case we will be talking about Turkey, specifically Antalya - is suitable for you or not, making real estate investment in Turkey, Antalya is a good decision or not. As Property in Alanya, we are here to clarify related questions in your mind about moving to Turkey, making investment in Turkey and buying property in Antalya.

In this article you will read about:

  • Turkey as a holiday destination
  • Antalya continues to be the apple of the eye of tourists
  • Is Antalya a safe place to move to?
  • Living in Antalya
  • Antalya with Numbers
  • Buying Real Estate in Antalya
  • Choose Where You Want to Buy Real Estate in Antalya
  • Choose the Best Real Estate Agency

Turkey as a holiday destination

If you are here, it means that you are already considering moving to Turkey.

Let’s talk about it.
Turkey is a really safe place for tourists, for foreigners. You can see that from the numbers. Every year millions of tourists visit Turkey.
According to the European Travel Commission's report, in the first ten months of this year, over 40 million tourists visited Turkey. The Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey is also determined to accommodate over 50 million visitors until the end of 2022. If you are interested in the report you can read European Tourism 2022 Trends Prospects Q3 and get further information.

Antalya continues to be the apple of the eye of tourists

Yes, we mentioned that millions of tourists visited Turkey, but which city was at the top of the cities of Turkey?

Of Course it was Antalya. Antalya was always the apple of the eye for domestic tourists as well as foreign tourists.

Here is why?

  • Antalya is a well-known tourist destination.
  • A variety of luxury holiday options with affordable prices.
  • Favorable weather.
  • Strong historical roots.
  • Direct flight from almost all around the world.

We can easily say Turkey is a safe place to move to.

Well, we assume you need more information, more details, right?

Then, let’s dive in.

Short answer for this question is simply “Yes.”

Living in Antalya

Turkish people are very famous for their hospitality. Additionally Antalya has a long history of accommodating the foreigners.

Local people really get used to living with foreigners. Almost in every part of Antalya you can find a Russian speaker in stores, groceries, taxi drivers and so on. It is really making it easier to live in Turkey to a foreigner.

According to Numbeo, Antalya is the 49th safest city in the world. 

Of course moving to Turkey, buying a property for sale in Antalya… They are whole different things. But we will talk about that. Don’t worry.

Antalya with Numbers

We can say it easily: Antalya has cheaper living costs compared to western countries.

According to Numbeo’s:

No matter where you look, Antalya is a great place to move and live. We talked about “Is it safe to move/live in Antalya.” Well, what about the real estate field?

Buying Real Estate in Antalya

Antalya provides a wide range of different options on property for sale. Whether you are looking for an apartment or villa, it doesn't matter because you can find every kind of property in Antalya.

Antalya has a strong real estate experience on foreign sales. Yet, since the real estate market is profitable, new real estate agencies are popping up everywhere everyday. This can look good at first but expertise is another thing. When you want to buy property in another country, you need to look for experienced professionals and expertise. Here are some quick steps to make your buying property in Antalya journey safer.

Also you can check our buying Tips for Buying Real Estate in Turkey.

Choose Where You Want to Buy Real Estate in Antalya

As Property in Alanya we can provide different house options in different districts of Antalya. Which kind of real estate meets your needs? How many rooms do you have? Where would you like your apartment to be near?

Property for Sale in Antalya

If it’s clear in your mind then you can check Property in Alanya’s portfolio.

Find Your Property in Antalya with Property in Alanya

Choose the Best Real Estate Agency

Choosing the right real estate agency will be very helpful in finding the right property with the right price for your property.

Buying property is a thing but unfortunately it doesn't end there. Because you will need a residence permit, insurance and so on.

Property in Alanya can help you find the right property for you with the right price. Property in Alanya can help you on making residence permit applications and also insurance too. Because Property in Alanya provides “all-inclusive real estate” services.

Well, if you are looking for an apartment in Antalya, Alanya Property in Alanya here to help you. Please fill the form and contact us. Our colleagues will contact you and find the right property for you. If you don’t want to fill the form, you can visit our offices.

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