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Property For Sale In Turkey has exploded recently and has managed to come under the lens of global investors. The rich coastline extended into the beautiful Mediterranean, where most investors look for their sought-after property. Friendly people with great cultural backgrounds and favorable economic conditions all make it one of the top countries to invest in real estate. Why should you consider investing in Turkish real estate? Let’s take a look at some key reasons why one should consider an investment property in Turkey.

1. High rental yields Though not as large as other European countries such as Luxembourg or the Netherlands, Turkey can still pull off high rental yields and small apartment rents. Istanbul topped the list of major cities with rental yields ranging from 6% to 9%, while Bodrum, Antalya, and aklan are on the lower end of the rental yield scale. However, the figures for these cities show annual growth in GDP ranging between 2% and 8%, which makes them extremely attractive for investors and frontiers alike.

2. Favorable economic conditions Continuing from the above point, though various macroeconomic indicators aren't yet as robust compared to Austria or Poland but are still quite strong against Greece, for example, the overall economic development might indicate possible creditability improvements over time (not a generally reasonable argument). The fact that foreign investors have started to take notice indicates the power of money over the whole world, including proven economic players even in emerging markets such as Turkey.

3. Affordable property prices4. Diversification opportunity

Property prices have risen in the last few years, but are still considerably lower than in other major cities such as London, Paris, and Berlin. Therefore, Turkey remains an attractive option for people looking to invest or purchase a second home, holiday home, or a buy-to-let investment.
Investing in Turkish property also offers diversification benefits, especially for those with existing investments elsewhere or in another region. This will reduce risk levels and capital gains, increase returns on investment, and provide protection against inflation or local economic downturns.


Overall, investing in property for sale in Turkey offers many benefits, such as a high rental yield and a favorable economic climate. It is reserved only for seasoned investors or first-time buyers who want to invest their money in the right place by having a dream vacation home in a dream location.

Want to invest in real estate in Turkey? Then maybe you’re wondering which areas are best for buying property here in Turkey. Here are some of the top locations in Turkey that better be on your radar:

Istanbul: As the biggest city in this country, Istanbul is always among the predestined choices for real estate investment in this nation. Its history and architectural beauty and booming economy always make it a popular option for property buyers. Whether you want to buy quality apartment or commercial property, Istanbul has something to offer.

Antalya: Definitely one of the best options if all you intend to do with this investment is rent out most of it, Antalya offers amazing long-term revenue profits opportunities. Being located at the beachl and being surrounded by such beautiful weather and people makes Antalya the number one destination for tourists. For more info about Antalya, you can read our article on "Investing in Antalya Districts Where to Live and What Quality of Life You Can Afford".

Istanbul: Rich history, stunning architecture, and a booming economy
Antalya: Beautiful beaches, warm weather, and a top tourist destination
Bodrum: Luxury lifestyle, high-end restaurants, and nightlife


Bodrum: When you want the hint of luxury, Bodrum is home. On the Aegean coast, Bodrum has three things that set it apart from other places: a luxurious lifestyle, high-end restaurants and nightlife, and picturesque views. Property prices in this town tend to be very expensive, especially if you have the wrong taste. Work on an investment plan to make sure you don’t leave your money behind.

These are just a few of the best Turkey locations for getting property. Naturally there are many more options that depend on what you prefer versus what properties you seek out for investment purposes (or even ownership). Remember thoroughly googling every aspect and work with a realtor carefully. You may end up marveling at the perfect house for yourself.

Tips Generally When Buying Property in Turkey as A Foreigner

When it comes to Turkey real estate, foreigners have rules and regulations different than Turks or other residents of the country do. If your focus is going to be on investing in Turkey property, it's very important not to ignore any key tips before venturing into the local market.

Tip #1: Get someone on side. The most obvious prereq towards making investments in property in Turkey is always researching first before actually investing resources in acquiring property. Always get a realtor who knows well how to deal with foreign buyers. They will help citizens navigate legal aspects of buying Turkish property including financial aspects. In addition to this benefit, they will offer valuable insight on developments occurring in the local property market.

Tip #2: Conduct research. Before making any decisions it is necessary to conduct some sort of research over Turkey property markets. Sort out trends and influences affecting purchasing rates as well as any announcements/changes by relevant bodies/governments. This way you would know about potential growth opportunities in real estate sectors rather than guessing at blind spots.

Top Property Locations in Turkey for Foreign Buyers:

  • Antalya
  • Alanya
  • Istanbul
  • Bodrum
  • Ankara
  • Didim

Tip #3: Take the time to see properties in person. Online listings and photos make it very easy for a prospective buyer to view a property, oftentimes before making an offer on the purchase. There’s nothing wrong with taking every advantage available to you until such time as is no longer possible by changing your circumstances—but touring real estate means that you can come away with a different edge on whether or not this particular residence will retain its value in the future than could be had simply by seeing its online photography.

By learning from these tips, you can ensure that the paper process of buying Turkish property as a foreigner goes much more smoothly and successfully. If you haven’t been able to invest in foreign yet, there’s never been a better time to take up investment opportunity points because of a growing market among businesses both locally and internationally as well as favorable climate for investment in Turkey along infrastructure growth of nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I buy property for sale in Turkey?

Buying property for sale in Turkey is beneficial to numerous individuals. The country has a stable economy, an appealing climate, and an increasing real estate market. Turkey likewise adds to its popularity as a vacation spot; during times of holiday, your property can make you money.

2. What are the most popular locations to buy property in Turkey?

There are many regards to keep in mind when searching to purchase property in Turkey. For instance, Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, and Fethi Huehue are among the top locations. These areas incorporate natural beauty, historical sites, and amenities of today.

3. Do I have to be a Turkish resident to buy property in Turkey?

No, you do not need to be a Turkish citizen to buy property in Turkey. Foreigners can purchase real estate in Turkey, though there may be restrictions on certain types of properties.

4. How do I locate a dependable realtor in Turkey?

You can find a dependable realtor in Turkey by doing some determined online search and reading reviews about particular people and companies who sell property. It’s additionally good just to ask friends or work associates. If you work with a realty agent that happens to be a member of any association, it’s even better. That way, you get different suggestions that suit you.

5. What taxes will I need to pay when buying property in Turkey?

When purchasing property in Turkey, you will have to pay several Taxes: a Title deed transfer fee, Value-added tax, and Stamp duty tax. The amount of these Taxes will depend on the value of the property bought.

6. Are there any Legal requirements to buying property in Turkey?

Yes, there are some Legal requirements to buying Property in Turkey. These include Obtaining a Tax number, Signing a Contract with the seller or Getting a title deed from Land Registration office. It is better to deal with a Lawyer because it will help to get all requirements fulfilled.

7. Can I get a Mortgage to buy Property in Turkey?

It is possible to get a mortgage for getting Property in Turkey. But the procedures may be difficult for Foreigners, and interest rates may be more than their home country counterparts. The interested would do well to make certain facts known before closing the deal.

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