Districts of Antalya - New Address of Luxury Life and High ROI Investments, Altintas

Buy an apartment in Altıntaş, Antalya from a developer in a comfortable district, next to the sea with a minimum budget, high standards, and with the perspective of a profitable investment. It is possible! And you can find all of these qualifications in Altıntaş, Antalya.

What is this district? Why should you buy property in Altıntaş, Antalya? And how comfortable is it? We have prepared an article to answer all these questions.

Altintas, Antalya is one of the most popular and promising areas of the city. It used to be a small village called Kundu, which is why the area is sometimes referred to as Aksu-Kundu. We will talk about Kundu a little later, but if you have ever stayed in hotels located in Lara, then you have actually been to Kundu. However, the Lara area is considered one of the most prestigious areas, which makes it easier to sell tour packages.Why is the former village of Aksu-Kundu now considered the most promising area?

Rising Luxury Hub of Antalya

The Altintas district in Aksu, Antalya is currently undergoing active development, which means that you can purchase real estate at the best prices during the development stage. These properties can serve as both comfortable homes for you and your family or as profitable investments. The houses are constructed using modern technologies, with consideration given to the climate and earthquake resistance of the buildings.

Developers in this region prioritize both building safety and environmental sustainability, making this area a potentially eco-friendly district. An important aspect to note is that it is also an open district, which means it is suitable for obtaining a residence permit and Turkish citizenship.

Features of the District

The airport is eight kilometers away, which means that the transport system is developed in this district and you can easily get to any point in the city.

Altintas is conveniently located 5 kilometers away from one of the largest beaches in Antalya, which is easily accessible by public transport for those without a private car. The proximity to the beach also affects the cost per square meter, making it more affordable compared to other popular districts like Lara and Konyaalti. Interestingly, the word "Altintas" translates to "golden stone," reflecting its potential and prospects for investment.

Surrounded by natural and historical beauties

In addition to one of the largest beaches, Lara Beach, this district is also attractive for two attraction locations, ancient ruins of Perge, and Kursunlu Waterfall.

Ancient ruins of Perge

Perge is an ancient city that dates back to the 12th century BC and was known throughout the Byzantine, Roman, and Hellenistic eras. It was even visited by Alexander the Great. During the Byzantine rule, Perge was a center of Christianity and St. Paul preached here. Imagine living near this ancient city, where both St. Paul and Alexander the Great once walked

Kursunlu Waterfall

Antalya is home to a breathtaking 18-meter high waterfall, Kursunlu Waterfall, one of the many natural beauties of this picturesque city. Words cannot fully capture its splendor; it is best experienced in person. If you plan to visit, be sure to pack a picnic basket as the waterfall is located in a state-protected park with designated picnic areas.

Why should you buy property in Altintas, Antalya?

Convenient and developed infrastructure: shops, markets, schools and kindergartens, hospitals, airport, beach and attractions.

  • New, comfortable real estate, built on all modern technologies, taking into account the climate and seismic resistance of houses.
  • Reasonable real estate prices. You can view our portfolio right now (link)
  • This is one of the most promising district of Antalya and is great for both living and investment.

If you want to check properties for sale in Altintas, Antalya you can check our portfolio.

Our sales experts will help you choose a comfortable home for you and your family. You can contact our sales experts in just two clicks, fill out the form and in the near future you will already be provided with several houses in accordance with all your requirements.

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