Investment Trip by Property in Alanya

Let’s imagine that you want to make an investment, but you can not see or evaluate what you are investing in. When it comes to buying a home abroad, it’s a huge deal and there are a lot to consider. You need to see the real estate, you need to understand the environment, you need to evaluate the real estate’s profitability. There is a smart and simple way to do it.

What In Investment Trip?

Let’s say that you are wanting to invest in Turkish real estate or much better, getting Turkish citizenship by investment. You are making a very important decision. In that case, it’s very natural that you want to see the real estate to invest in.

Investment trip will help you to travel to Turkey, accommodate and evaluate the real estate alternatives. Our main aim is to ensure your complete satisfaction.

How Does It Work?

Simple. Firstly you should answer these following questions:

  • Which kind of property do you want to invest in? Residential, commercial or etc.
  • Which city do you want to live in? Antalya, Istanbul, Cyprus or Izmir?
  • Is there any specification like “It has to be near the sea” or “It has to have an outdoor pool”?
  • Is there any specification like “It has to have 3 rooms and with natural gas infrastructure?”
  • What is the budget to buy property?
  • When do you plan to buy property?

With the answer of these questions, you can call Property in Alanya’s offices and reach out to our sales experts. Our sales experts will prepare a list of best properties to meet your needs. Now we can jump to the other step, which is that we are starting to plan your investment trip to Turkey.

Planning the Investment Trip

In general, investment tours last between 4 days and 7 days. Simply we can say that all you need to do is just pick the date that you desire to come. Our team will handle the rest such as flight tickets, booking your hotel and payments. All you have to do is just prepare your suitcase and bring your swimsuits and sunglasses.

What to Expect From the Investment Trip?

First of all, we are handling everything for you like we mentioned before. Also when you arrive in Turkey, we are providing you VIP transportation. We are taking you from the airport to hotel, hotel to real estate that you would like to see, from the real estate to your hotel and at the end of the trip from hotel to the airport.

Our sales experts will be with you during your stay in Turkey and answer your questions. They will explain every step of buying and selling property in Turkey, what kind of documents you need to apply to Turkish citizenship, what kind of transaction options will be suitable for you and so on.

In case you buy real estate with an investment tour, you will not have to pay any of the fees such as flight tickets and accommodation.

We are hundred percent sure that together we will find the best property, at the right place, at the right price with the features that you asked for and find solutions for you to invest in Turkish real estate.

For more detailed information you can reach us through our phone numbers, email addresses or via WhatsApp or filling out the form. We, as Property in Alanya, are always ready to help you.

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