How to open a bank account in Turkey?

In our previous articles, we covered “How to obtain a residence permit in Turkey?” and “How to Get a Turkish Tax Number as A Foreigner in Turkey?”  In this article, we will cover opening a bank account in Turkey as a foreigner.

Opening a bank account in Turkey

What is simple and easy in your country can be a “mission impossible” in another country. Our experts are ready to help you, feel free to contact us. Yet, if you want to get to know the commons, you can continue to read.

Which bank in Turkey is better to open an account?

In Turkey there are two types of banks like state-owned banks and private banks. All of them provide online banking services and they have mobile apps. You can handle your utility payments easily via mobile apps or online banking services.

Most Popular Banks in Turkey

Some of the most popular banks in Turkey:

  • Garanti Bankasi,
  • YapıKredi Bankasi,
  • Akbank,
  • Denizbank,
  • Halkbank,
  • Ziraat Bankasi,
  • Vakıfbank,
  • İşbank.

YapıKredi, Akbank, Denizbank, Garanti and İşbank are private banks.

Halkbank, Ziraat and Vakıfbank are state-owned banks.

The standard working hours looks like this:

  • On weekdays: 8:30 - 17:30.
  • Lunch break: 12:30 - 13:30.
  • Day-offs: Sunday.

If you ask, which of the Turkish banks is the easiest to open an account? Then, you won't get an exact answer for several reasons. It’s better to understand their services and whether they meet your needs or not.

Required Documents

What you need to open a Turkish bank account:

  • Your valid passport (not older than 10 years), or a valid residence permit,
  • Your unique Foreigner’s Identification Number or Tax Identification Number,
  • Proof of your valid residence address in Turkey or the printed address on your passport.

Are There Some Additional Costs?

All banks and branches have different conditions and in general there are no fees. However, some bank services might impose some cost related to internet banking, online transactions, exchange etc.

In some cases, banks may ask for Turkish phone numbers and also money as a deposit. On the other hand, banks may impose some costs because of the services like “card production cost”, “account opening services”, “service charges”, “insurance” and etc.

As a note, not all bank employees know Russian or are good at English. In this sense you may want to hire a translator.

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