Districts of Antalya - A place to live in peace, Dosemelati

Many of us have a certain stereotype about Antalya - that it's a resort city always filled with tourists and noisy events, where it's difficult to find peace. However, this all depends on the district you choose to live in. Antalya is beautiful because here you can find absolutely everything for any budget and needs. Today, we will explore the area known as Döşemealtı.

A Peaceful Location

At the foot of the Taurus Mountains (Toros Dağları) and in the gentle embrace of pine forests in Antalya lies the fabulous and ambitious Döşemealtı. We can describe Döshemealti as fabulous due to its location - the grandeur and beauty of nature captivates everyone considering buying property in Döşemealti.

Advantages of buying a property in Döşemealti, Antalya

Döşemealtı is one of the youngest districts of Antalya, where active development is only just taking place, but despite its “youth”, this district is being actively populated. New buildings are a sign of quality and a guarantee of maximum property security. You can check properties for sale in Döşemealti, Antalya by clicking the link.

Döşemealti is located furthest from the sea (15 kilometers), but this has an indisputable advantage - its low humidity and healing mountain-forest air. Being remote from the sea means being isolated from the crowded districts of the city.

Calmness and "ozone therapy" are included in the all-inclusive program when purchasing a property in Döşemealtı, the tranquil district. Döşemealtı is mainly composed of elite villas and low-rise buildings, where you will find everything for comfort: guarded systems, swimming pools, saunas, a gym, and playgrounds. The nearby Düzlerçamı Park and running tracks are easily accessible from your home.

One of the interesting sights to visit is the Karain Cave. This ancient cave is one of the most ancient archaeological sites, where some of the artifacts discovered during excavations belong to the Paleolithic era. Our ancestors had good taste.

Why you should buy a property in Döşemealti, Antalya

Why is it worth buying property in the Döşemealtı district? Here are some reasons:

  • Healing mountain-forest air and low humidity.
  • The developed infrastructure of the district does not violate the internally measured microclimate.
  • A large selection of villas and cottage houses are built using all modern technologies, taking into account the climate and your safety.
  • Elite and quiet district of the premium segment for connoisseurs of personal comfort.

Our sales experts will help you choose the house of your dreams and prepare all the necessary documents when purchasing a house. You can contact our sales experts in just two clicks, fill out the form, and soon you will be provided with several houses that match all your needs.

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