Loan (mortgage) services

Easy and fast mortgage through Property in Alanya Real Estate and Construction Company

It is quite easy to get mortgage from the banks which we cooperate as solution partners.

Property in Alanya Real Estate and Construction Company cooperates with several banks in order to have the most reasonable mortgage rates for its customers. As a result of our cooperation with banks, we provide the most reasonable rates and the terms for our customers.

You are not alone through complicated mortgage transactions. Property in Alanya Co. is always with you.

As soon as we receive your mortgage demand, we begin to study your case and following it we contact the suitable ones of the cooperator banks in order to fulfil your demand. During these transactions, experts coming from the banks who make evaluation of the Property are also welcomed and guided by our staff.

Following the confirmation of your mortgage demand, we simultaneously inform you about the case and the necessary documents asked by the bank. You can follow your process yourself or we can handle on behalf of you.

Documents asked from the natural persons for mortgage applications are as below:

Documents for mortgage application are as below:

  • Copy of ID card, passport.
  • Document, showing the address in homeland(own country)
  • Residence document or one of the water, telephone, water or electricity bills.(should not be older than 3 months)
  • Payroll for last three months, signed by the employer in homeland.
  • Bank statement from own bank in homeland, showing account transactions or any other assets.
  • Information about the contact person in Turkey
  • Copy of the title deed of the property which will be purchased.
  • Those who are officially married need to get his/her partner’s approval,too. Banks ask it obligatory.

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