Furniture & White goods

Home goods help

Property in Alanya Real Estate and Construction Company provides guidance service for those who want to purchase home goods and appliances. We cooperate with companies at a wide range in order to get the reasonable prices and quality products for our customers.


Property in Alanya Real Estate and Construction Company, are in your service with reliable/quality providers for your furniture needs. We carefully choose and cooperate some companies which provide the best products at the most reasonable prices. Not just prices but also quality and after sales support are our priorities.

You may choose from ready products covering your needs or give your customized orders to be manufactured for you. In both cases, we are with you to secure your satisfaction.

White goods

Same as our other home goods services such as furniture, white goods and other home appliances are also important and we try our best to help you purchase the right products at right prices with a fast and reliable after sales support.

When you need any kinds of furniture or white goods, please contact us via our customer request form on our web site so we we can study your demand and provide you the optimal solutions.

So, you save time and your money!

Let us to guide you in order to comfort you!

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