Building use permit (ISKAN)

Iskan is the Turkish word which means ‘building use permit’ in English. Iskan is a kind of approval that states the project itself or an independent unit of it is approved by governmental authorities as legal and built in accordance with the construction project.

Iskan is proof of permission to use the property or part of it independently as it is declared by governmental authorities that built in accordance with its approved construction project.

As it is mostly related with the usage of the property, it is issued upon receipt of TAPU owner in the City Hall(Belediye in Turkish) and includes technical information about the property: number of floors in the building, number of apartments, the area of ​​your specific apartment, etc.

Iskan is also needed whilst having subscriptions such as water, electricity, internet, land line telephone.

Without Iskan, a property cannot be used legally. Property in Alanya has only the properties with iskan in its portfolio in order to avoid possible problems and difficulties.

Necessary document for having Iskan for your property

  • Application petition with request of iskan addressing city hall.
  • Title deed (Tapu) registries.
  • Project completion certificate from tax office which states that all legal payments are done and no more transactions incomplete.
  • Sewage system completion approval from related authority.
  • Related approvals from telecom authority
  • Related approvals from electricity authority
  • Related approvals from city hall.
  • Approval from fire brigade department that states that all technical requirement are fulfilled.
  • Report from Construction Inspection Authority.
  • Controlling of shelter area in building and some other physical and technical requirements related with the building.

If there is elevator in the building

  • TSE Documentation. TSE ( Turkish Standards Institution)
  • Warranty Certificate,
  • Related legal certificates and documents of engineers taking place in control of the elevator.
  • Maintenance reports.
  • Application projects.

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