Title deed (TAPU)

Tapu is the Turkish word, which means ‘’Title deed’’ in English and, which is a legal certificate of ownership on a property. As it is very important and legal document, tapu registered and archived only by State Land Registry Office of the related property’s area. Ownership of a property can be handed over just by tapu.

Tapu carries some important and basic information about the owner and the property itself. These are as coordinates of the property, area where the property stands on, owners ID info and photo, and autorization of the Land Registry Office.

How is a tapu acquired?

Tapu is registered and archived by the Land Registry Office in the area of the related property. Following a buy-sell process, tapu is handed over from buyer to seller through Land Registry Office.

Tapu is registered and provided by Land Registry Office in the location of the property. Tapu registrations are archived and kept by Land Registry Office. The title deed is archived here and must be sealed with a stamp.

When applying for tapu, one should come himself or send the person who he authorizes legally with power of attorney prepared by a notary and also the seller or his trustee should be available. If one side is neither speaking Turkish nor a Turkish citizen, then an official interpreter must accompany the process.

After signing related documents, the purchasing process of the property in Turkey is finished and you become an owner and have all the rights associated with your property in Turkey.

  • 01 Location of the property, which is purchased.
  • 02 Passport-size photograph of the buyer.( In case, 2 psc colour-photos)
  • 03 Information about the cadastral coordinates of the property
  • 04 Cadastral type of the property.
  • 05 Areal proportion of the property on main land.
  • 06 Type of the property. Sectioned or land share.
  • 07 Sales price of the acquired property.
  • 08 Information about the previous owner of the property.
  • 09 Information about the current owner of the property.
  • 10 Date of acquisition of the property by the previous owner
  • 11 Land registry details for the previous owner
  • 12 Land registry details of the property itself.
  • 13 Date of acquisition of the title deed of the property by the current owner
  • 14 Authorization and related seals of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre

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