Purchasıng property in Turkey

Procedure of purchasing property in Turkey for non-Turkish citizens

Despite much of the procedure of purchasing property is same both for Turkish and non-Turkish citizens, some points are as a matter of course different. So, Property in Alanya aims to guide and make it easy for its customers.

1. Legal Basis

Explanatory information on countries whose citizens can buy property and estate in Turkey can be provided from the Turkish Embassies/Consulates abroad and the General Directorate for Land Registry and Cadastre.

Buyers with foreign nationality can buy any kind of property (house, business place, land, field) within the legal restrictions.

Buyers with foreign nationality who buy property without construction (land, field) have to submit the project to the relevant Ministry within 2 years.

2. Purchasing Contract Form

Turkish laws and regulations in force state that transfer of ownership of a property is only possible with an official deed and registry, which is signed at the Land Registry Directorates.

Also possible to sign a “sales commitment agreement” through a notary. However, legal ownership to the property do not pass with a “sales commitment agreement” or other kind of sales agreements to be signed before the notary.

3. Application of procedure

Buyer should be from the country whose citizens can acquire property or limited in rem right in Turkey and meet the necessary conditions.


The owner of the property or his/her authorized representative should make a preliminary application to the Land Registry Directorate.

In case the preliminary application is incomplete, the file will be kept waiting.

Necessary Documents

  • Tittle deed of the property or information on village/district, block, building plot, detachment.
  • Identification document or passport (Together with its translation).
  • “Property Value Statement Document” to be provided from the relevant municipality.
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance policy.
  • 1 photo of the seller, 2 photos of the buyer (photos to be taken within last 6 months)   
  • (If one of the sides cannot speak Turkish) certified translator and 2 witnesses have to be available.
  • (If  the power of attorney is prepared abroad)  The original or certified copy of the power of attorney and its approved translation.

Information on power of attorney prepared abroad

Power of attorneys, which will be prepared from other countries need to carry some necessities.

If the power of attorney is prepared at any of Turkey’s Embassies/consulates, then the case easier and simple as the power of attorney will be in Turkish and sealed by Turkish authorities there so it can be used without any difficulty.

In case the power of attorney is prepared through a foreign authority there, then the power of attorney must have apostille on it and translated into Turkish through an official translator.

Property in Alanya makes it easy for you!

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