Turkey was able to overcome the pandemic crisis with minimal loss


Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement at the opening of the center: "In 2023, Turkey's medical tourism sector plans to host 1.5 million foreign citizens and thereby carve out a $10 billion niche in the global medical services market."

“Thanks to the infrastructure investments of the last 20 years, Turkey has been able to overcome the pandemic crisis with minimal damage to the country. In recent years, we have relied on the development of domestic pharmaceuticals and the medical industry,” Erdogan underlined.

According to the president, the pandemic has shown humanity that the healthcare sector is no less important for national interests than the defense industry.

“The Turkish government is ready to provide all possible support to everyone who contributes to the development of the country through production, development and labor,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, recalling government programs to encourage investors.


Science Istanbul is not only a science center, but also a science and high technology complex with its Try and Build Workshops as well as the Entrepreneurship Center. It will take its place as an integrated complex that will include finance, automotive, robotics, communications, natural sciences, energy, medical technologies, aviation and space exhibition gallery.
Bilim Istanbul has the best domestic and original Planetarium of our country, with a display capacity of 105 people, a diameter of 14 meters and a high resolution value. The center also provides education to primary and secondary school students in line with a specific curriculum, with a total of 5 different workshops: Astronomy, Aviation & Space Workshop, Technology - Robotic Coding Workshop, Mathematics Workshop, Natural Sciences Workshop, and Design Workshop. In addition, there is a World Discovery Exhibition in the temporary exhibition area and there are 52 stations with the theme of basic sciences in this area.

More than 250 exhibition stations with the themes of Robotics and Autonomy, Aviation and Space, Automotive, Energy, Agriculture, Communication, Finance, Medical Technologies will be established in the exhibition areas. This section will be offered to citizens with the opening of the second phase of Bilim Istanbul.

Providing service with a parking lot for 300 vehicles, a conference hall for 600 people, a temporary exhibition hall with 52 stations, science workshops, a science market and a cafeteria, Bilim Istanbul has a closed area of ​​33.000m2.

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