Foundation Anniversary

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan congratulated with the 154th anniversary of the founding the Turkish Red Crescent Society, which is the largest medical care organization.

The head of state wrote on his Twitter: “Congratulations on the 154th anniversary of the Turkish Red Crescent, which has been the standard-bearer of the kindness and compassion of our people since 1868.”

"Turkish Red Crescent" was founded on June 11, 1868 in the Ottoman Empire.

Red Crescent Volunteer Management and Volunteer Structures

  • Red Crescent, Volunteer management system gonulluol.org Archived 12 July 2011 on Wayback Machine. It ensures that the volunteer capacity, training and assignments are carried out and that our volunteers of all ages carry out activities that will add value to the Red Crescent.
  • With its Volunteer and Youth Centers, it enables its volunteers to receive free training in physical places, to organize projects, events, and to attend classes and courses.
  • It carries out studies to increase disaster human resources and capacity through volunteer management in disasters.
  • By establishing neighborhood volunteer teams, it contributes to the development of social assistance and solidarity awareness in the society.
  • It supports raising awareness of young people and volunteers in various fields with its activities and awareness activities on environment, migration, refugees, health, education and blood services.
  • Every year, thousands of Red Crescent volunteers help young people grow and receive training at the Turkish Red Crescent Youth camps.
  • It ensures that the institutional volunteer capacity is increased through collaborations with institutions.
  • It carries out organizational activities for the dissemination of the Red Crescent culture in the society with the Young Red Crescent and Red Crescent Women's organizational structures in the provinces/districts, the Red Crescent Branches at Schools, and the Red Crescent Communities at Universities.
  • It works to transform the competencies of our volunteers into value on behalf of the institution through national and international missions, workshops, meetings, camps and collaborations.
  • It creates exemplary programs and projects in order to spread the culture of volunteering in the society and in all institutions.
  • It prepares advocacy, awareness and legal working models for legislation and legal studies on volunteering.
  • It contributes financially to the resources of the institution with the projects it carries out with volunteers.
  • With the works carried out under the coordination of the Turkish Red Crescent Volunteer Management Directorate, it mediates the transfer of the corporate Red Crescent culture to the volunteers and youth within the scope of 7 basic principles, and the preparation of the volunteers for the future as well-equipped, conscientious, fair, benevolent individuals who understand the importance of unity and solidarity.
  • According to the statistics of October 2021, Kızılay is the non-governmental organization with the largest volunteer capacity in Turkey with 160,362 volunteers.


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